Older Hardwood Floors May Be Refinished To Look New

Many older solid wood floors have been covered up because they looked worn and scratched. When new people buy the homes and remodel them, they discover the wood floors underneath. They want to bring the wood floors back to good condition but how can they?

There are floor sanding machines to rent and how-to instructions available. But, this is a lot of work for the amateur. A better idea would be to hire a professional floor restoration company. The process of sanding hardwood floors takes experience and care.

Which Wood Floors Can Be Refinished?

Most solid wood floors can be refinished. The success depends on what shape they are in. Deep scratches and stains may not be able to be invisibly fixed. Fire damage and missing boards may make the floor unfixable. 

Floors that have suffered water damage to the extent they are warped and rotted in spots may be beyond help. However, solid wood floors with shallow scratches and normal wear should be able to be refinished.

Engineered wood floor or wood veneer floors that are solidly glued or nailed to the subfloor may be able to be refinished. The wood wear layer must be thick enough to allow shallow sanding. Laminate wood floors do not contain wood and therefore can not be refinished.

What Refinishing Processes Are Available?

Companies such as Delaware Valley Hardwoods offer three different refinishing choices.

  • The oil based finish is the one that smells the strongest but it is also the least expensive. The odors last up to a week and then are gone.
  • The water based system has less odor and dries more quickly.
  • The hard wax oil finishing system has very little odor. This finish has zero VOCs. This finish dries quickly also.

When Can The Furniture Be Moved Back In?

Everyone wants the use of the rooms with wood floors being refinished as soon as possible but the longer a homeowner waits, the stronger the floor will be. People can move back into the room in two days but it is far better to give the floor a full week to cure.

Use felt pads under furniture and be very careful for the rest of the curing time. Do not put area rugs on the new finish for at least two weeks. Go to the website of a refinishing company for more information.